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Eurobest celebrates European Creativity Graffiti Legend Neils Shoe Meulman

London:- Eurobest, the European Festival of Creativity which this year celebrates 25 years, has announced that internationally-renowned graffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman will join the Festival in Lisbon to work on a live graffiti project in the city.

Niels Shoe Meulman, also known as Shoe, is a visual artist, graffiti writer, graphic designer and art director who was born, raised and is still based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Already a graffiti legend by the age of 18, he formed the Crime Time Kings with Bando from Paris and Mode2 from London, who together gave graffiti in Europe its own distinctive style. After apprenticing under Dutch graphic design master Anthon Beeke, he ran his own design company, Cauldfield & Tensing, and was partner at advertising agency Unruly. He has revolutionised the art of writing with Calligraffiti, an art form that fuses calligraphy and graffiti. Launching this movement in 2007 with a successful solo exhibition in Amsterdam, his Calligraffiti pieces have since been shown in international exhibitions and are part of several museum collections.

On the first day of the Festival, Wednesday 28 November, Shoe will begin work on a Lisbon city wall located in Alcântara, an area near the river Tejo. Across two days, with the city as his audience, he will create a unique piece of Calligraffiti about which Shoe says, "I'm in search of the perfect line, I'm looking to find it in Lisbon." On the last day of the Festival, he will join Creative Social on stage for a seminar which will take the audience head on into creation and craft and explore the combination of both order and chaos in Calligraffiti.

"We're excited that we can welcome such a recognised graffiti artist as Niels Shoe Meulman to join us in Lisbon. It is testament to how much Eurobest has developed in 25 years; from an advertising awards to a celebration of European creative excellence across different communication platforms whilst offering inspiration to our industry. It's fantastic that the city of Lisbon are offering us the space to do this and we look forward to watching the artist at work as the wall transforms into an urban piece of art," says Philip Thomas, CEO of Lions Festivals.

Located at the top of Rua Cais de Alcântara, at the crossing with Avenue da Índia, Shoe will work on the wall across 28 & 29 November, at which point anyone is welcome to view the work in progress. After this, delegates can see him on stage in the Creative Social seminar taking place from 16:00-16:35hrs on Friday 30 November.

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