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BETC London creates interactive game and promotional film for ACPO

Police, Health, Education and Social Care came together recently for a two-day conference to share their continued commitment to protect children from abuse.

BETC London provided each delegate attending the conference with an innovative gift in the form of an interactive game that depicts ‘A United Approach To Child Protection’ which was also the title of this year’s conference. A short clip of the game opened the conference and delegates were then given the opportunity to play the game for themselves over the next two days.

Says Neil Dawson, ECD, BETC London: “The film and game were created to illustrate how Police, Health, Education and Social Care must work together to protect children from abuse. Each maneuverable character represents one of the four agencies and the player has to direct their character to the location of a burning building in time to save a child that needs to escape from a potential life-threatening situation. Only if each agency takes a corner of the blanket will the child be safe, a strong symbol of the necessity for the four separate agencies to unite and work together.”

The concept and copy came from BETC, with Siyona Tech constructing the game and Four Walls TV putting the short film together.

Nick Duffield, a representative for the National Child Protection Training Co-ordinator for the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) adds: “This was an inspired piece of work by BETC that brought to the fore the need for all agencies to work together to eradicate the abuse of children.
Sadly we have seen on a number of occasions, such as the tragic deaths of Victoria Climbie and Baby Peter Connelly, the absolute need for Police, Health, Education and Social Care to adopt a united approach to child protection. The film was a perfect analogy of this and the game will help to continue to promote this crucial message. “
It is hoped that the concept of the game will be embraced by all agencies and that terms such as ‘blanket meetings’ where all agencies will be required to attend a meeting will be adopted as an interpretation that only by working together can they succeed.

Creative Director: Neil Dawson
Art Director: Neil Dawson
Copywriter: Clive Pickering
Account Director: Matthew Charlton
Game Production Company: Siyona Tech
Film Production Company: Four Walls TV

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