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K&G Fashion Superstore Launches ‘Fashion without the victim’ Ad Campaign

K&G Fashion Superstore has launched a humorous new advertising campaign that touts its selections and prices with a tagline — “Fashion without the victim” - that is aimed squarely at its high priced rivals.

The new campaign includes television, radio, out-of-home and guerilla tactics to help drive home the point that K&G offers the same styles and brands of clothes as department stores, but at everyday prices that are up to 60% less.

“We have a very compelling story to tell today’s shopper, as our brand selections, styles and pricing clearly set us apart,” said Mary Beth Blake, president of K&G Fashion Superstore. “We feel strongly that this campaign will dramatically increase our awareness by breaking through mundane media.”

The campaign began airing this week in major markets throughout the country. The cost of the media buy for the campaign was not revealed.

One television commercial, entitled “911,” resembles an actual call to the emergency phone number, but the “victim” is simply a shopper who overpaid for clothing at a department store. The caller claims to have been just robbed by a man who “took my money and all I got was this dress.”

A second television commercial takes place in a courtroom where a defendant is suing a department store salesman for selling him an overpriced suit. An unsympathetic judge tells the defendant that if he’s “stupid enough to pay that, you deserve what you get.”

A number of radio spots throw down the gauntlet with the opening line of “Department stores are robbing people every day; so we thought we’d teach them a lesson and rob them back.” In each commercial, an electronically altered voice demands payment from a department store operator for something it feels is valuable or incriminating to the store. Though each ill-conceived plot quickly falters, listeners are reminded that K&G offers the same designer brands as department stores, but at a much lower cost.

“We felt that ‘Fashion without the victim’ perfectly captured what goes on today when it comes to shopping for clothes,” said Andy Brief, director of client services at DeVito/Verdi, the ad agency that created the campaign. “Especially in this economy, there’s no reason not to consider K&G for today’s fashion, and I think these ads will serve to provide a gentle slap in the face to would-be fashion victims.”

In addition, the campaign will include creative guerilla tactics, including the message: “Don’t throw your money down the drain. Shop K&G.” The words will be seen circling around drains located in department store parking lots. Another execution has sidewalk chalk outlines of various clothing articles with copy that says “Don’t fall victim to department store prices.”

A handful of out-of-home ads take a different tack to communicate the value principle at K&G. Posters feature close-ups of well-made articles of clothing accompanied by such the lines: “Paying less is the new black,” “You shouldn’t need a second job to look good at your first” and “You’ve been getting dressed your whole life. Shouldn’t you be better at it?”

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